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We are a company specializing in solar power works, generators and elevators.

Takamul Constructional Company

Takamul Constructional Company was established in 2017 in Riyadh city, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be a worldwide leading company in providing the best scientific solutions in the fields of supplying and installation of elevators, generators and various solar energy systems which is the main essence in the field of buildings construction and development and urban renaissance. The company was built on firm foundations of specialized experiences in such fields that seek to contribute to building a better future for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and international markets.

Our Vision

To be the leading company in the fields of elevators, solar energy and generators by continuously focusing on the quality and innovation and to become the first company of its kind.

Our mission:

Stimulate innovation, creativity and enrich the knowledge of elevators, solar energy and generators in the best way for customers.

Our goal:

  • Launching initiatives in the fields of alternative energy, electric generators and elevator solutions.
  • Producing innovative products and developing practical applications in elevators and solar energy fields.
  • Qualifying professional practitioners that will help in all fields especially elevators and renewable energy.

Our Values


provide top performances and quality.


Creative thinking is solar energy fields, electric generator and elevator solutions.

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We strive to provide our customers with the best services, so we make an effort that goes beyond our capabilities.

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